By: xffan_2000

Summary: A drabble (100 words) based on a comment from SteeleWatchers about how Laura and Remington spent their time "after the lights went out" in "Steeled With a Kiss."


As winter winds whipped outside the castle's bedroom window, Laura and Remington snuggled together. After four years of waiting, they were alone.

There was a first time for everything. Their first time had been hot, messy and sticky, but oh, so sweet.

"Care for another go?" Remington asked.

"Absolutely," Laura smiled. She kissed him before he moved the blanket, exposing them to the frigidness of the room.

"I never thought we'd be doing this," he said.

"Hurry," she encouraged.

Remington popped two more marshmallows onto a long skewer and held them over the flames. "Another round of s'mores coming up."