By: xffan_2000

Summary: A drabble in the *all new* NC-17 format!


Dear Diary,

Four years. I can't believe it took us *four years* to get to this point!

I look back and ask myself, why the hell did I deny him for so long?

After so many years putting *us* off, I was afraid we couldn't possibly compare to what I'd built up in my mind. But, oh, honey, honey! We were even better than I'd envisioned!

We kissed on the couch. He carried me upstairs. To be in his arms like that, my heart was pounding. He locked the door. We moved to the bed, and


Author's Note: This is dedicated to all those SteeleWatchers who saw "Mamma Mia!" with me. You had to know that something like this would be coming after that "Honey, Honey" number.