By: xffan_2000

Summary: A 100-word follow-up to "Blood is Thicker than Steele."


"See you Monday," Laura said.

Steele noticed her change of clothes, her freshly applied make-up. "Plans?"

"I have a...date."

His stomach clenched. "A date?"

"Sort of."

From the lobby, a voice called, "Miss Holt?"

Steele blocked her way. "He calls you 'Miss Holt?'"

"You call me 'Miss Holt.'" She pushed past him. "Chris! Good to see you."

Steele followed her, fearing competition. Before him stood a teenage boy and a small girl. His shoulders relaxed.

"Footloose starts at seven," Chris announced.

"Can Mr. Steele come, too?" asked Angel.

Laura shot him a wink. "I suppose we could double date."