Fanfic by xffan_2000

Holt to Holt Talk - Frances knows. Set after "Bonds of Steele."

Happy Hour Holt - After "Bonds of Steele," Laura deals with the worst day of her life.

In the Steele Small Hours of the Morning - Laura sits with an injured Steele. Takes place during "Steele Searching, Part 1."

You Can't Go Holt Again - Once it's over, it's over. 100 words.

Shot to the Holt - The day after "Steele Threads." 100 words.

Illegitimate Steele - Double-drabble (200 words), set during "Hearts of Steele."

To Holt His Desire - It's over for them. 100 words.

Singular Steele Referencing "Altared Steele," 100 words that end on what sounds like a happy note, but then again...

Rivaled Steele - A 100-word follow-up to "Blood is Thicker than Steele."

Who's Steeley Now? - They were on their way to San Francisco at the end of the episode. A 100-word add-on to "Springtime for Steele."

Any Holt in a Storm - Picking up after "Steele in the Family." They actually make it to Catalina. Too bad it's raining. Then again, maybe it's not too bad...

Too Holt to Handle - September's drabble. Sticking with "using lousy episodes" as my jumping-off point, this one comes after "Steele in the Chips."

Steeling Her Way Into Her Job - Yet another 100 words and sticking with my current theme of jumping off from "bad" episodes. Technically set after "Steeled With a Kiss," but it really is an excuse to reference "Steele Hanging in There."

Steele on the Prowl - After Laura's dalliance with Butch Beemis, an angry Steele sets out to prove a point. Takes place after "Let's Steele a Plot." (Why do I keep picking the worst episodes!?!?)

Handy Steele - One-hundred words. Set after "Steele Blushing." It was alluded to in the episode; this brings it home.

Holt on a Minute... - A drabble in response to the challenge to make a scene between "Steele Searching, Part 2" and "Steele Blushing."

Steeling the Moment - Another 100 words. A follow-up to "Holt on a Minute..."

You Got to Know When to Steele 'Em - A drabble inspired by "Steele Blue Yonder."

Institution of Higher Steele - A drabble inspired by "A Pocketful of Steele."

Dr. Krebs's Guide to Love - A drabble inspired by "Steele on the Air."

Steeleus Interruptus - A drabble in response to the Written in Steele springboard of "interruption."

Cardinal Steele - Steele and Laura and Stanford through the years.

Somewhere Beyond the Steele - A 36-foot sailboat. Her. Him. And some pirate talkin' thrown in for good measure. Picks up sometime after "Corn Fed Steele." (Yeah. Seriously.) Written in response to the Written In Steele October Springboard to take the tag scene from any episode and fill in what happens next.

A Holt of Reality - A double-drabble response (exactly 200 words) to the Written in Steele September Springboard to answer why, in "Red Holt Steele," Laura had a picture of Ricky Schroeder on the table in her bedroom just prior to her house blowing up.

Steele-A Mia! - A drabble in the *all new* NC-17 format!

A Steele's Got to Do What a Steele's Got to Do - Laura and Remington try to locate a stolen ring. In response to the Written in Steele Springboard "Lab Results."

Holt Tight & Snug Steele - Two-fanfics-in-one in response to two different Written in Steele springboards.

Steeled With a Kiss Redux, Only This One Really Is Sealed With a Kiss - In response to a challenge to rewrite -- in script format -- the last few minutes of "Steeled With a Kiss" to make it satisfying to fans and still conform to 1980s network censors' guidelines.

Toasty Steele - A drabble (100 word story) sparked by a theory floated on SteeleWatchers about what Laura and Remington did "after the lights went out" in "Steeled With a Kiss."

A Christmas Steele - It's Christmas and Laura is forced into a family reunion at her mother's house. But Remington makes an unannounced appearance.

Chronicled Steele - Somebody finds something she wasn't meant to see.

Death of Steele - Laura tries to solve the mystery of Remington's death, only to be hampered by Detective Jarvis and the LAPD.

Fiddling While Steele Burns - Somebody has a unique point-of-view on the Steele/Holt relationship. In response to an RSFic Challenge using an under-used character from the series in a story.

Hard as Steele - What exactly happened after the lights went out at the end of the series? (Written under a different name)

Have I Got a Steele For You - An Addition - Did Laura ever give Remington that rub-down? (Written under a different name)

A Holt Proposition - A dab of smut. A dollop of panic. A snap decision.

Holting the Development - Laura tells Remington some rather startling news about her past. Set between "Steele Trying" and "Steele of Approval."

How Steele Stole Christmas - Family holiday traditions: embarrassing or necessary? Set after "Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele."

Monikers from Steele - Just read it. It's amusing.

lasreveR A - t'noD uoY woN, tI eleetS ouY woN - Another RSFic Challenge. This time, Remington and Laura change places in a scene/scenes from a show

One Night Steele - She said she wanted more than a wink and a tumble, but instead Laura goes looking for a roll in the hay.

Remington 9MM - Different viewpoints on a sensitive subject.

Steele Found - So, instead of the Earl of Claridge telling Steele his eyes were the wrong color, it turns out they were the correct color after all. Go figure. Takes place as an alternate ending to "Steele Searching, Part 2."

Steele Holting Onto the Past: Destiny - Set in 1974, college student Laura is drug to a carnival where she encounters a cocky fire-eater. Co-written with Melissa Jones.

Steele Unbound - What if Laura didn't put the clues together and was instead at Unidac when Clarissa and Remington got married? Set during "Bonds of Steele."

Twist of Steele - Laura and Remington have a little pregnancy trouble.

Wienerschnitsteele - In response to the RSFic Challenge: "Laura's confession to Steele, in his apartment, after dinner in 25K or less."


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