By: xffan_2000

Author's Notes: My New Year's Resolution is to "write more." Since I like to get a jump on things, I'm starting early. Easiest place to start...the HG/GL Ficathon. There were a lot of very good ideas there, so I'm going to work through some of them. This one is from Ava Cabot's request: Shayera secretly checks on John, pre-Wake the Dead.


A shadow passed John's open window. He glanced into the night, but saw nothing specific. He turned away and heard scraping on the cement ledge. Spinning back around, he saw the shadow again.

His heart lodged in his throat. Hopeful and angry, he rushed to the window.

A pigeon blinked at him then flew off, leaving one oversized gray feather on the ledge.

Relieved and disappointed that she hadn't been outside his window, John muttered a curse and brushed the feather off into oblivion. He slammed the window shut, never looking to the right, where Shayera hovered in the darkness.