Fanfic centering on the Hawkgirl/Green Lantern 'ship

Vena Amoris - A short, sappy little vignette that takes place sometime after “Wild Cards.”

Friends Like These - For the "Revenge of the DCAU Ficathon." Flash meets Katma in a bar and they discuss GL's problems. Takes place after "The Return."

It Ain't Just a River in Egypt - Co-written with Nancy Brown. Once upon a time in ancient Egypt... Based on "Ancient History." (NC-17)

The Conclusion! - Bad!Fic based on "Ancient History" and Dwayne McDuffie's pathetic response to "and why wasn't the HG/GL 'ship resolved?"

Resolution - John + Shayera = Rex. It's all very scientific. Based on "Ancient History."

No Fate But What We Make - Mari sees things differently. Based on "Ancient History."

Time Flies - This is for the HG/GL Ficathon in general and Athena Phoenix specifically. The requested fic: Shayera and Vixen have a conversation.

Icy Calm - This one is from Merlin Missy’s HG/GL Ficathon request: Shayera rescues John.

Trashy Romance Plot Number Four - Co-written with Nancy Brown. AU. What if Lantern and Hawkgirl really had gotten stranded during "War World"? (NC-17)

It's About Time - John has to talk to somebody about the future.

We Have a Winner - The battle between Mari and Shayera over John has ended. (R)

The Justice League (In The League) - My response to the challenge of “Write a JL Filk.” (It’s harder than one might think.)

A Long Time Ago - Response to the challenge to fill in a bit of John's past.

A Hairy Situation - Things get a little hairy.

Ack! It's a Songfic! - It was a challenge. I didn’t wanna do it, but I had to. Don’t blame me. Set during “Starcrossed.”

Alien Probe - Very close encounters. Post-Wild Cards/Pre-Starcrossed (NC-17)

New Year's Bash - It's a new year. Can things change for John and Shayera?

Aftermath - In the aftermath of "Wake the Dead."

Hawkgirl is Dead - The title pretty much sums it up. Post- "Starcrossed."

Green Lantern and Hawkgirl and John and Shayera - Set a little while after "A Better World." GL has discovered something about his counterpart that prompts him to make a move in his own universe.

Beyond - Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl have a talk after the events of "The Terror Beyond."

Daydream Believer - A post- "Wild Cards" story. Perhaps the ending wasn't real. Maybe it was all in John's mind.

Crushed - A post- "Starcrossed" story. It's been nearly six months since the Thanagarian invasion. John can't let go and Shayera's on the path to destruction.

Nom de Plumage - A post- "Wild Cards" story. John learns a bit more about Shayera.

Drabbles (100 word stories)

Old Timer - What's "old," anyway?

Quiet Move - A "quiet move" in chess is described as an unassuming move that is not a capture, a check or a direct threat. Based on "Ancient History."

Disclosure - Drabble. Shayera talks with Bruce. Based on "Ancient History."

What's In a Name? - Drabble for "Ancient History." Is a rose by any other name still a rose?

I've Got No Strings - Drabble for "Ancient History." John wants to fight fate, huh? Two can play that game.

Ripple Effect - Drabble for "Ancient History." The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Eyes Have It - HG/GL drabble challenge. Theme of “all that glitters.”

Spy Game - HG/GL Ficathon. This one is from Ava Cabot’s request: Shayera secretly checks on John, pre-Wake the Dead.

Future Shock - Drabble. John meets Carter Hall.

Guarantees - Challenge fic. Spoliers for "Divided We Fall." What happened in the discussion or incarceration.

Angel of Death - A drabble series. It's an unspoken truth that Shayera is the resident killer in the League...

Raiders of the Lost Heart - A speculative drabble based on the reported new complication to the HG/GL ‘ship.

A Rock and a Hard Place - A drabble. John makes a hard decision.

To the Victor Goes the Spoils - Just a drabble about "the competition" for John.

Go To Hell - A drabble inspired by the split-second preview of “The Balance” where Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman journey to Hades.

Thanagar - A response to the double-drabble-and-a-half (that’s 250 words) challenge to describe Thanagar.

Bad Joke - It's all in the delivery.

His Son - Speculation about Warhawk.

A Disneyesque Drabble - Honestly, this is just a total groaner. But for those who really know their Disney music, it'll be cute.

Jingle Bats - Pointless holiday drabble guaranteed to spark a debate over the "actual lyrics." Sorry, HG/GL aren't in this one.

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