His Son - A Drabble

By: xffan_2000

Summary: Completely in response to the horrid notion that Warhawk might turn out to be Hro's son. Let's hope it's not be true.

Disclaimer: You know the drill...


The first moment he laid eyes on Warhawk, the Green Lantern knew. Simply knew.

The build.

The jaw line.

The skin tone.

The wings.

It wasn't the first time he found himself alone in his apartment, thinking of her as tears of anguish slid down his face.

But it would be the last.

The how and the why weren't important. Shayera's son, Hro's son...that resonated in his mind.

His schoolboy attempts to coax her back...finished. There was, after all, no point in pursuing a love one knows will fail.

John swiped away his tears and dialed the phone. "Hey, Mari..."