By: xffan_2000

Summary: A drabble inspired by the split-second preview of "The Balance" where Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman journey to Hades.


Her mace crackled as it broke through the scorching air, impacting the head of yet another winged familiar. More horned beasts moved in to continue the endless torment. They growled, swiping searing claws through her feathers and into her flesh.

"You're one of us," the one with Grundy's face hissed, its forked tongue blistering her ear.

Shayera swung her mace in a fevered arc.

"Fallen angel," another laughed in John's voice, clinging to her back, pulling fistfuls of fire-red hair.

More devilish creatures grabbed her legs, her arms, her wings with scalding touches. Under their weight, Shayera descended to hell.