By: xffan_2000


A darkened bedroom.

Two silhouetted forms.

Moonlight streams through the window.

The more shapely of the two rises up, repositioning over the other. A kiss. A flash of teeth in the dark as she nips his neck.

"What's the difference..." Another kiss. "...between kinky..." More kissing. "...and perverted?"

He groans as her hips shift against him.

A feather, clasped between two fingers, is slowly drawn down the bridge of his nose.

A shiver runs through his body.

"Kinky uses a feather." Again she slowly repositions, this time taking him in. "Perverted uses the whole Thanagarian."

His glowing eyes slip shut.


Author's Note (which is always longer than the story): Thanks to Merlin Missy for the use of the bad joke. Thanks to Merlin Missy, Angelic Temptress, crhblack and BillA1 for support while I whittled from 109 words down to 100.